Past Projects

Take a look at some of the past projects created and managed by DRMS Director Ellen Marsden (formerly Ellen Velázquez).

Project Noye 2014

A major six month community opera production of Benjamin Britten’s iconic opera, Noye’s Fludde, working with Charles Hazlewood, in Association with Kneehigh, members of the Philharmonia Orchestra, pupils of Wells Cathedral School, all pupils and staff of Brookside School, Street, young musicians of the South West and over 100amazing amateur musicians.

Bringing all generations together to create an extraordinary performance and telling the story of Noah’s Flood at the Royal Bath and West Showground, this project aimed to reach people who had never experienced opera or Classical music before. Many young musicians had their first experience of performing alongside seasoned amateurs and high profile professionals.
Proceeds of the performance were donated to the Flood victims on the Somerset Levels.

Strike a Chord with the Philharmonia, 2016

Watch this short film of the extensive schools project created for Adam Burgan at the Octagon Theatre, with Charles Hazlewood, the Philharmonia Orchestra, Composer Paul Patterson and eight schools in Yeovil.

Apollo One Giant Leap for Dorchester Arts, 2019

The 50th anniversary of the first landing on the moon was celebrated with a spectacular performance of composer Geoff Edge’s community opera ‘Apollo: One Giant Leap’.

This Dorchester Arts initiative was a large scale schools and community project that culminated in an extraordinary performance in Maumbury Rings on 21st July 2019.

The Bluebell Day Out for Emerald Ant, 2021

Ellen has been the Musical Director of the fabulous arts organisation Emerald Ant since 2019, when she worked with Founder and Artistic Director, Sarah Butterworth, on the Apollo project.

Following the lockdowns, their first socially distanced project was a Promenade performance through a stunning Dorset Bluebell wood.

The Promenade visited a series of Tableaux in the beautiful Wraxall Bluebell Wood,all punctuated with contrasting music, from Pipes to Jazz Saxophone, Percussion, Hurdy Gurdy and the Bournemouth Symphonic Brass Quintet in Concert Dress!

Take a look at the link to the project and explore the wonderful work that Sarah creates with Emerald Ant.

The Bluebell Day Out for Emerald Ant, 2021

Emerald Ant’s Magnificent Mills project, 2021, working with Ensemble Bash, William Barnes, Yewstock, Allenborne and Beaucroft schools, exploring the history of Sturminster and Walford Mills.

The Swanskin Seafarers of Sturminster for Emerald Ant, 2022

Emerald Ant’s Swanskin project, 2022, with Sturminster High School, was an opportunity to create a film score with members of the New Scorpion Band (tutors at DRMS)  and our Patron, Tim Laycock, telling the story of the Swanskin fabric made at Sturminster Mill and the migration of workers from Sturminster to Newfoundland in the 1600’s.