Fairytales and Legends

Perfect for Home Schooled children

Wednesdays 9 - 10am

Venue: Dorset Rural Music School

Beginning in late Autumn

£5 weekly, Please express an interest via email

Fly away on a magic carpet!

Come along with your youngster to help them develop their coordination, concentration, counting, confidence, and have lots of fun banging drums, pots and pans!

Afterwards we will wind down with stories told through Emma-Marie Kabanova’s enchanted Violin. These storytelling sessions are guaranteed to ignite imagination whilst also developing listening skills . . . . and what better way than listening to a world class Violinist !! 
Meet Aladdin, Scheherezade, Little Red Riding Hood… This is a treat for young children and their parent/carer to have their first introduction to Classical Music and the spoken word.

Make friends and discover new worlds with stunning soundscapes

Landscape with castle